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Stylish and Safe Tragus Piercing Jewelry – Choose a Jewelry that Reflects Your Personality

LuxJewelle is proud to specialize in offering high-quality piercing jewelry that not only looks stunning but also ensures a safe and comfortable wearing experience. We take pride in providing a comprehensive selection of threadless jewelry meticulously designed and crafted from top-notch materials.

We understand that piercing jewelry is not just a fashion trend but an important part of your identity. That’s why we prioritize quality and carefully select our jewelry, allowing you to express your personality freely. All our pieces are nickel-free and safe for all skin types, ensuring worry-free and comfortable wear.

We strive to make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable. Our online store is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it effortless to find exactly what you’re looking for. With our wide range of options, you can choose the perfect jewelry for every piercing, whether it’s for your ear, nose, lip, or any other area.

Safety and customer satisfaction are of utmost importance to us. That’s why we offer reliable and fast shipping, along with excellent customer service. If you have any questions or need assistance with your selection, our team is always ready to help. We would be delighted to assist you in choosing the perfect tragus jewelry!

Tragus piercing care and jewelry

The tragus piercing generally heals in about 4-9 months. During this entire healing period, it is very important to use implant grade titanium piercing jewelry or nickel-free gold piercing jewelry (good jewelry material supports the healing of the piercing). Also, the piercing should be protected from all cosmetics, oils, fats and hair products (don’t put anything on the piercing that you wouldn’t put on an open wound). Rinse the piercing only as a result or with pharmacy table salt to taste! Avoid sleeping on the piercing and touching/rotating it.

Avoid wearing earphones and earplugs during the entire healing period. The pin of the piercing is a little longer due to swelling, so it can prevent the use of earphones and earplugs. When the swelling has gone down and the piercing has healed, you can use them normally again.

Tragus piercing jewelry size

The tragus piercing comes in a small bit of cartilage placed in front of the ear canal. The size of this bit is very individual, so it is almost impossible to estimate the exact size of the jewellery without an illustrative picture. You can always ask our customer service for help with choosing the right size when you have a picture that we can evaluate.

However, here are guidelines for choosing the size of jewelry:

For a tragus piercing that is healing, we recommend the size 1.2mm x 10mm. For the improved piercing again 1.2mm x 8mm. The size of the ring is 1.2mm x 8mm.

We also recommend for you to choose the size of the back part of the base to 3mm, because it collects earwax in itself, and does not prevent the use of earphones and earplugs.

Choose a suitable size non-threaded base part

Tips for choosing the right labret post

3mm and 4mm options are available for the width of the back part of the post. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right size:

  • For piercings that are healing, we recommend a 4mm back part.
  • Piercings inside the mouth, e.g. a lip jewelry, also require a 4mm back part, so that the back part does not sink into the soft tissue inside the mouth.
  • If you choose a large, more decorative (e.g. arch-shaped) tip part, the Labret heel part 4mm width also gives your jewelry additional support.
  • The side of the nose with a 3mm piercing does not collect body fluids as much and does not take up space in the nostril. It is also not visible from there on the smaller back and does not feel uncomfortable to use.
  • In the tragus piercing, the 3mm back part makes it easier to use earphones and doesn’t collect so much earwax.

Tips for choosing length and thickness

Please note that the size suggestions are indicative recommendations and you can get confirmation of the perfect size for you from the piercing shop.

With a threadless labret base for the following piercings:

  • Earring (the most used sizes are 0.8mm-1.2mm thickness and 5mm-7mm length.)
  • Cartilage jewelery (helix, forward helix, conch and tragus jewelery The most used sizes are 1.2mm thickness and 6mm-7mm length.)
  • Earring (the most used sizes are 0.8mm-1.2mm thickness and 6mm-7mm length.)
  • Lip jewelry (medusa-, labret- Ashley jewelry, The most used sizes are 1.2mm thickness and 7mm-8mm length.)
  • If you have a basic earring in your piercing, we recommend 0.8mm thickness.

For easier jewelry installation

Selection of insertion pin size

Choose your insertion pin according to the size of the jewelry you ordered. If your jewelry is 1.2mm in size, also choose 1.2mm as the thickness of the insertion pin. The threadless insertion pin is suitable for the installation of jewelry without threads. You can also carefully bend the insertion pin slightly at an angle, so you can get it better for narrow ear piercings, such as forward helix and tragus piercings. Keep the insertion pin for your other jewelry as well, because you can use it on all your jewelry with the same thickness and fastening mechanisms.

The insertion pin can also be used as a stretcher!

The insertion pin is also very suitable for stretching. The insertion pin is designed so that one end is very thin, so that you can easily find your piercing hole, and the other end of the insertion pin is the size of the desired thickness. For example, if your septum jewelry is currently 1.2 mm thick, you can order a 1.6 mm thick insertion pin and a 1.6 mm thick jewelry that you can easily put in place with the insertion pin. This way you can safely reach the desired size little by little.

Installation pin suitable for threadless jewelry


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