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Nipple piercing

Nipple jewelry completes your style. Nipple jewelry emphasizes your nipples with dimensional and sized jewelry. Nipple rings also allow the wearer to exercise self-confidence. Nipple jewelry also uses sensitizing nipples, if you have never felt any sensations in your nipples before, the touch can be a radical change after getting the piercings. So wear nipple jewelry to increase pleasure. Nipple jewelry is a flamboyant and sensual addition for you. Nipple rings are popular and they can also be seen nicely through your shirt.

How are nipple piercings done?

Together with the piercer, you can think about the nipple piercings that best suit your anatomy. They pierce horizontally or vertically. All variations in between are also allowed and the same nipple can also have several pieces of jewelry. Nipple piercings are not supposed to go through the areola, just only through the nipple.

What kind of jewelry is suitable for nipples?

There are many different style options available for nipple jewelry. However, it is important to understand that not everything you can find on the internet are realistic options. Wearing nipple jewelry that is too heavy and dangling only causes unpleasant complications and not expectations. It is important to remember that the nipples are a very sensitive area and you don’t want anything that would irritate the area. Prefer safe and good alternatives to nipple jewelry. You can trust me that at LuxJewelle we have selected the kind of jewelry in our selection that is safe for you to use. LuxJewelle offers implant-grade titanium and nickel-free gold jewelry for nipple piercings.


-Avoid nasty complications caused by bad materials

-Jewelry suits you better and looks better when worn

-Does not break down in use

– Are safe

-Do not contain nickel or ingredients that irritate the piercing

-They don’t start to smell bad when in use

-They don’t color the skin

-They do not rust in use

-Piercings have better chances of healing with good material

Does putting on nipple jewelry hurt?

Nipple piercings are painfully very individual. Some feel the nipples more sensitively than others, so the pain is a very personal experience. However, the piercing itself is quickly over and the end result is certainly worth it all. All nipples can usually be pierced, as long as the piercer is professional and knows what he/she is doing.

How long does it take for a nipple piercing to heal?

Many people pierce both nipples at the same time so that they also heal at the same time. Some people like the style where only one nipple is pierced. Nipple piercing takes quite a long time to heal, about 6 months to 1 year. The healing process is significantly affected by the material your jewelry is made of. With bad materials, a nipple piercing may never heal or it may take years. If the nipple piercing is pierced in the areola, healing is very slow and even impossible. If the nipple jewellery is the wrong size, it also affects healing negatively. The nipples live a little, which causes the size of the nipple to vary, so choose a piece of jewelry with a couple of millimeters to spare.

Where can you buy high-quality nipple jewelry?

You can buy nipple jewelry from LuxJewelle and we recommend choosing our jewelry when you only want the best for yourself and you want durable jewelry. Our nipple jewelry is of high quality and you can always get permanent solutions without complications from us. You can use rings or studs for nipple jewelry. You can also combine a light and beautiful 14k gold chain with nipple jewelry. However, always use the simplest possible solution for a fresh nipple piercing, so that the healing time is as easy and pleasant as possible for you. If you want to really pamper yourself, you can also buy nickel-free gold nipple jewelry from us. Please note that solid gold brand jewelry is not cheap, but it is a permanent and very beautiful option and you are worth it.

How do I treat a nipple piercing?

When caring for nipple jewelry, it is important to remember to rinse with plenty of water. Do not use disinfectants or other treating creams or fats in the treatment of your nipple piercing. Do not use tea tree oil to treat your nipple piercing, and do not make a saline solution at home. The best way to take care of your nipple piercing is to rinse with water and a saline solution from the pharmacy. Do not touch or let anyone touch the newly pierced area.

Can I wear a bra with nipple piercings?

You can wear a bra with nipple jewelry, but avoid lace so that the jewelry does not get caught in it. Do not use plasters or any patches, so that the piercing does not incubate under them, but gets air and can heal better.

Can I breastfeed with nipple jewelry?

Nipple rings should be removed completely after pregnancy and during breastfeeding. The nipple piercing closes quickly when the jewelry is removed and breastfeeding is still possible. After breastfeeding, nipple piercings can be done again. Scars in the area of ​​the nipples often do not interfere with re-piercing, but it is good to discuss them with your piercer.

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