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How to get a piercing in place

If putting the piercing jewelry in place at home seems challenging, here is the solution for you! These insertion pins help you get your piercing in place and make it downright easy! Attach the desired piercing jewelry to the end of the insertion pin and then thread the insertion pin through the piercing hole and the jewelry will slide neatly into place! Remove the insertion pin from the jewelry and after that you can just press the top part of the jewelry closed!

With a insertion pin, it is also easier for you to get a piece of jewelry into a piercing hole that has not had a piece of jewelry for a long time or has recently fallen out. In these cases, the piercing hole has often already closed a little, but it is quite possible to find and save it with the help of these insertion pins. The thin head ensures that you can find your piercing again and get the desired size piece of jewelry back in place (recommended to put 0.8mm-1.2mm maximum due to the risk of tissue damage).

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