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Threadless (push pin) base part

The non-threaded stem needs a non-threaded top to function as a piercing jewelry. You can use these studs for almost any piercing, as long as you choose the right design and size for my piercing.

More carefree when the top parts don’t fall!

Threadless (push pin) jewelry is much easier to use than traditional threaded piercing jewelry. You don’t need to tighten or twist the top to check if it’s tight. In these pieces of jewelry, it is enough to occasionally check that the pin of the top part is inside the base part all the way to the bottom.

Easier to take out and put back in place!

You can adjust the tension of your jewelry yourself when putting it into use. In addition, all the threadless base parts and jewelry tops we sell are compatible with each other. You only need to have one base and you can make all the tops fit into it.
With your order, you will receive detailed instructions for putting the jewelry into use.

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