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You can shop LuxJewelle’s jewelry selection without worry, because we accept only the safest materials in our selections. Quality is guaranteed by the material’s authenticity certificates and the manufacturer’s warranty.

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When you don't compromise on the materials, your jewelry is safe and you will enjoy it for years to come

Gold piercing jewelry

Gold jewelry are like lifelong friends that retain their brilliance from decade to decade.

24kt plated implant grade titanium

The sparkle of real gold without breaking your bank

Implant grade titanium

Highly polished implant-grade titanium is the best material for fresh and healed piercings,

Black PVD plated titanium

PVD plated titanium jewelry is shiny, lightweight and durable piercing jewelry that is suitable for everyone.

Implant grade silicone

Implant-level silicone is a soft and flexible material. In the jewelry industry, it is used e.g. in retainers and stretchers.

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Over 10,000 branded jewelry sold

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