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Bridge piercing

A bridge piercing is a piercing at the top of the nose between the eyes. Bridge piercing is done by a skilled piercer to get the jewelry in the right place and with the right size jewelry. Too big a piece of jewelry in Bridge is annoyingly visible in the field of vision and thus constantly disturbs the wearer of the piercing. When putting on a bridge piercing, you must also take into account possible glasses, so that they do not clash with the jewelry.

Bridge piercing jewelry

When choosing a Bridge piercing, consider the size. In Bridge piercing, too long pin or too big tops/balls disturb the field of vision and the eye gets used to them badly. In Bridge, the glittering tips can also reflect light and thereby irritate the eye.

Bridge piercing price

The price of a Bridge piercing varies from 40 to 60 euros, depending on the store. The age limit for Bridge is usually 16 years. Before you go to get a piercing, it is good to find out that you are getting service from a professional who knows what he is doing and has high-quality jewelry to choose as his first jewelry.

Bridge piercing migrating

A bridge is a piercing that easily migrates if low-quality jewelry is worn, e.g. surgical steel, acrylic or plastic. Prefer implant-grade titanium or nickel-free gold as the material of the bridge jewelry. Insufficient care instructions or touching the jewelry also cause the bridge piercing to migrate.

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