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Nose piercing

Nose piercing is now fashionable and the variation where both sides of the nose have jewelry is trending strongly now. For example, you can put a beautiful chain between the jewelry or hold a ring on one side and a pin on the other side of the nose jewelry. You can also get a real diamond for the nostril from us at Luxjewelle, if you really want to pamper yourself. The nose ring is suitable for women and men and for noses of different sizes, because there are many different options available.

The price of a nose piercing

The price of the nose piercing varies, depending on the location, from around 40 to 60 euros. The price range is significantly wider even if there are comprehensive high-quality options to choose from as first jewelry. You should buy jewellery online from a trusted site and invest in good material. In addition to unpleasant complications, bad material smells in the nose and cause cause major inflamation, which is not terribly pleasant for the wearer.

Nose piercing age limit

The age limit for a nostril piercing is usually 16 years, but many places do it for younger people as well, if there is consent from the guardian and the guardian is present. Putting on a nose piercing is a quick and relatively painless procedure, but the healing time is long. The nose piercing heals in 3-6 months, so it is important that the young person commits to follow the care instructions so that the nose piercing heals as expected and quickly.

Nose ring

Ring or stud, which is better? The nose piercing can be pierced with a ring, but it is not recommended in principle. The reason that we don’t like to pierce a nose piercing with a ring is that the ring can move more sensitively than the pin. In nose piercing, the movement of the ring during the healing phase brings unnecessary mechanical irritation, which slows down healing.

Exchange of nose piercing

We recommend changing a stud-shaped nose ring no earlier than 3 months from the piercing to the ring, if you want one. However, it is a good idea to keep a piece of jewelry safe in case the change causes the back pack to heal and thus complications. The pin can therefore be changed back to the tire at any time.

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