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Genital area jewelry increases pleasure

Increase your enjoyment with comfortable and pleasant jewelry. Genital piercing jewelry often increases your pleasure. In this product group, you will find jewelry that fits even the most sensitive areas for both women and men. Genital area jewelry has been selected so that it does not have sharp parts that could cause friction during use. Genital area jewelry is also, like all other jewelry on our website, very durable and safe to use. There is nothing allergenic in these jewelry for the genital area, so you can use them without worry.

Changing jewelry in the genital area at home

When changing jewelry in the genital area, wash your hands before and after changing. Also clean the area and surroundings of the jewelry to be replaced with water, this way you avoid dirt and bacteria getting into the piercing hole. Use a mirror to help you and don’t panic if you don’t succeed right away. You can use the mounting pin to install the jewelry, making it easier to change. You can also buy the mounting pin on our website in addition to the jewelry. If necessary, turn to a piercer and ask a professional to put the jewelry in its place.

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