Do not use a piercing gun for your child’s ear piercings

Laita lapsesi korvakorut lävistämällä, älä ampumalla.

This has been a popular topic of discussion on various online forums for years. There are opinions both for and against. Of course, everyone knows what is best for their child. If you are considering earrings for your child, read this text.

Earrings with a piercing gun

The procedure is just as brutal as it sounds. Let’s briefly go through how using of piercing gun takes place. The “gun” intended for piercing the ear works so that an individually packaged piece of jewelry is installed in the machine, which the machine shoots through the ear with pressure. The jewelry becomes a non-sterile object already at this stage, when it is installed in a machine that cannot be sterilized.

The above-mentioned aspects already create a little image of the procedure. The base of the jewelry and its tip are blunt and closed, which is very different in structure from a piercing needle. When the jewelry is shot through with pressure, it forces the tissue to tear as shown in the picture. This causes significant tissue damage to the ear.


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This torn “piercing hole” that may contain bacteria will slowly heal on its own, but don’t forget the piece of jewelry installed in it. The machine automatically shoots the piece of jewelry onto the taut stem. The tissue begins to swell quickly and the “heel” of the jewelry becomes too tight for the healing process. In addition, this “practice jewelry” is mostly made of surgical steel, which always contains nickel, and is not suitable as a first jewelry. 

In addition to this, the clasp part of the jewelry puts a lot of pressure on the jewelry, e.g. when sleeping, and slows down healing even more.It should also be noted that earrings are fired with this method in facilities that are probably not approved by the health inspector, and that the maker himself may have insufficient knowledge of asepsis and equipment maintenance.

Earrings with piercing

Done by piercer, this process is completely different. No machines, just a piercer and a needle.

A professional piercer works in a clean shop approved by the health inspector. The shop must therefore have all the equipment and machines required for equipment maintenance, such as an ultrasonic cleaner and a class B autoclave (high classification).

A professional piercer chooses needles of the highest possible quality as work tools, which minimize the risk of tissue damage when piercing. He also sterilizes work tools, or uses individually packaged pre-sterile work tools, such as gloves, protective equipment and needles.

This eliminates the risk of getting serious blood-borne diseases or bacterial infections.

The previous picture shows how the needle pierces the skin beautifully and does not tear the tissue. This is how the piercing starts to heal well. In addition, the piercer installs a high-quality implant-level titanium jewelry (nickel-free), which is about 2 millimeters longer at the beginning, so that the ear has room to swell in peace. The heel part is also flat and does not press on the earlobe, e.g. when sleeping or doing hobbies.

You can wear jewelry installed by a piercer for several months without worry, and if you wish, you can change or replace the base part with a shorter one after the earrings have healed. This is recommended.

Financially profitable

Yes, the old saying that good things don’t come cheap applies in this situation as well.

Ear piercing by shooting costs 20-30€/pair and it is tempting to choose this option. But, if complications arise, the costs can quickly rise to hundreds of euros.

Very often the pattern goes so that the earrings do not heal after the shooting and they end up being taken out. Often we try again by shooting, after which we find the same thing. After that, we start looking for other options and end up going diagonally. This is a better alternative to cost structures. Frustration and wasted money still happen on the trip.

It is also possible that the bacterial infection gets so bad that you have to go to the doctor and get a course of antibiotics. At this point, we already have a pile of expenses consisting of shooting ears + doctor + medicines and a lot of bad feelings, which no amount of money can replace. In connection with the service, the customer may be instructed that if problems arise, remove your jewelry and go to the doctor.

What would it sound around for 60-90€/pair all at once, as well as a satisfied child, well-healing earrings, professional service, care instructions, remote support from a piercer, no trauma and a good mood. Yes, we would choose this option ourselves. The price of the piercing can be increased by the chosen piece of jewelry, if you want more showy jewelry tips that can be worn for years right at the beginning. Then the price can rise to 90-120€/pair. But even at this stage, this is more profitable and, above all, safer for your child.

It is true that the costs in these services are completely different. Professional skills, equipment/equipment maintenance, permits, high-quality jewelry and time spent.

Procedures that pierce, cut and break the skin are always a risk. With our instructions, the risks can be minimized. Please contact us if this raised any questions for you.

Best, LuxJewelle

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